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School Leadership

Blair McCullough


Jared Mlynczyk

Assistant Head of School

Julie Barber

Vice President-Operations
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Primary School

Joe Belyeu

Primary School Principal

Krissy Stoner

Primary School Vice Principal

Middle School

Norm Parker

Middle School Principal

Joanna Curtis

Middle School Vice Principal

Upper School

Heather Lytle

Upper School Principal

Tim Sanchez

Upper School Vice Principal
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Board of Directors

Mr. Rob Conner — General Counsel at a Private Equity Firm
Mr. Marc DeWall — General Manager, Precision Warehouse Design LLC
Mr. Joe O'Rourke — CEO/Founder, O'Shamrock LLC
Dr. Gracie Packwood — Pediatrician
Mr. Lou Purvis — Retired CEO
Mr. Mario Ramirez — President of MRamirez Group, LLC
Mrs. Billie J. Riley — Attorney at Law, Billie J. Riley, P.C.
Mr. John Luke Spitler — Principal/CEO, The Encompass Group