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Biblical Worldview Toolkits and their vital purpose at LCS
Rick Allen

Toolkits are adaptable resources used to spark and share ideas about how best to infuse a biblical worldview in every subject or activity.

A new year, and refreshed opportunities for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord (2 Peter 3:18).

Continuing the focus on how we develop our faculty and staff to define, build, infuse, and sustain a biblical worldview throughout our work at LCS, let’s look at one of the resources used in this process — Biblical Worldview Toolkits.

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, at LCS, our Christianity, and more specifically our biblical worldview, cannot be restricted to Bible courses and Chapels. Such compartmentalization has contributed greatly to the rise of cultural Christianity (i.e., Christianity = church attendance, speaking Christianese, attending a Christian school, etc.) and fall of an authentic, life-transforming, all-encompassing, and lasting relationships with Jesus Christ.

To foster a campus-wide biblical worldview, we must acknowledge and attend to the diverse avenues through which we inculcate our students (Athletics, Arts, Academics, and Administration) and within these the diverse activities and subjects offered — a long list indeed!

For example: there are unique qualities to the study of mathematics, fine arts, and technology, etc. Athletics and Fine Arts are similar in that they are typically engaged by students with a passion for them, but unique in how those students process competition and the path to success. Thus, we’ve begun to design “Toolkits” that offer educators an adaptable resource to spark and share ideas about how best to infuse a biblical worldview in every subject or activity from PK through 12th grade.

Each Toolkit includes a philosophical basis for the infusion of a biblical worldview, examples of biblical worldview infusion in a given subject, application of the 3P Method of biblical worldview infusion, and a resource library for further study and application.

Thus far we’ve developed Toolkits for Math, Social Sciences, Pre-K – Grade 2, World Language, Language Arts, Athletics, Technology, Science, Fine Arts, and Bible.

As time goes on, we’ll continue to refine and add to these, that all ministries at LCS are resourced with a biblical worldview. As coaches, teachers, and administrators find effective ways to infuse a biblical worldview into their sphere of influence, they contribute to these to the Toolkits. This resource will only grow and become increasingly useful for the benefit of our students.

I’ve attached a sample Toolkit for your review, which can be viewed by clicking this link. I pray you see the intentionality and effort we put into our school’s mission and vision — for His glory and the edification of our kiddos!

Rick Allen serves as Liberty Christian's Biblical Worldview Coordinator. Read his previous blog posts on the CPOE in the links below.

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Biblical Worldview Toolkits and their vital purpose at LCS

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