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Spiritual Life February 2024

The Spiritual Life Team hosts grade-level retreats each year for Middle School students and Upper School seniors. At these retreats, faith deepens and relationships form among students, teachers and coaches.

6th Grade Retreat

Towards the beginning of each school year, all of 6th grade has a 3-day retreat led by the Spiritual Life Team and chaperoned by the 6th grade teachers. During this retreat, students participate in fun activities and teaching from camp staff, while building memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Students are given the opportunity to know their teachers on deeper level and received wisdom and insight into how to navigate their Middle School experience. This retreat is a blast and we are so excited for it each year!

Ski Trip MS

Spring Break Ski Trip

Each Spring Break, the MS Spiritual Life Department leads a group of roughly 30-40 students on a Ski Trip to Winter Park, Colorado. This event is chaperoned by Liberty Christian staff. We lodge in condos and divide into groups on the mountain based upon ski level, with each group led by Liberty Staff members. 

Throughout the ski trip, students will also go through a Bible Devotional, have nightly meetings with teaching and games, worship together, visit the headquarters of Compassion International and have an amazing time! Even if you’ve never been skiing before, you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic trip!

7th Grade Retreat

The Greek word "Kardia" is translated as "heart." During this retreat, 7th grade classes will engage on what their hearts were made for and long for: relationships. This Retreat is led by the Spiritual Life Department and chaperoned by the 7th grade teachers.

During Kardia, students will listen to teaching and interact with one another and teachers on the five type of relationships discussed during the retreat. The five types are our relationship: with God, with family, with friends, with technology and with romantic interest.

Senior Retreat

Senior Retreat

Let’s face it ... senior year can easily become clouded by the excitement, nervousness, denial or even "senioritis" in regards to graduating and going to college. No matter what stage our seniors are at, this is the weekend for them! We have designed a retreat that strengthens unity in the senior class through a stress-free environment where the only decision they have to make is whether they want to going swimming or take a ride on the zipline.

Coming together in a fun and adventurous setting not only brings seniors back to childlike fun, but is also a special opportunity to further relationships with teachers and create bonds with one another for their final year of high school. The teachers, Spiritual Life Department, and even LCS alumni are intentional in encouraging the seniors through devotionals and praise and worship.

In many ways, this trip sets the tone and atmosphere for our students for the rest of the school year. Our vision for this retreat is that students will come back having built a stronger sense of community by being encouraged and built up in their faith so they can finish their time at Liberty with excellence.

Wilderness Trip

Wilderness Trip

For more than 20 years, the 8th grade class has gone to Arkansas for the amazing experience simply known as "Wilderness." Students will set up and camp in tents while cooking their own food using outdoor camp stoves. The students are inducted into one of three tribes: Fang, Maasai or Zulu. During the retreat, these groups will be led by their 8th grade teachers and student Impact Leaders on different hikes and river day. The tribes will compete at the end of the week to determine who is the worthy of being the Mightiest Tribe through many competitions and games. 

This a can’t-miss retreat as students encounter the Lord and develop friendships that will be a foundation for their Upper School experience. We have seen the Lord do amazing things on this retreat and we look forward each May to the experience of Wilderness.