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Spiritual Life Team

Spiritual Life February 2024

Our purpose as a Spiritual Life Team is to guide and provide students with Christ-centered values, disciplines and worldview.

Our mission with our students is to build a Biblical foundation of authentic and lasting faith in Jesus Christ by:

  • Engaging them in a relational and educational, discipleship-focused ministry
  • Enlightening them to their personal place in God’s story of redemption
  • Empowering them for success throughout their time at Liberty Christian School and beyond by aligning with the overarching vision of Spiritual Life

Meet The Team

Courtney Crenshaw

Youth Minister

Luke Crenshaw

Boys Youth Minister

Brayden Brown

Youth Minister
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Spiritual Life Team Podcast

SL Podcast

The goal of the Spiritual Life podcast is to equip and empower the next generation to love people, bear fruit, and make disciples. We will discuss various topics of culture, discipleship and our engagement as followers of Christ in the world we live.

How to Listen

All podcast episodes are available on Apple and Spotify by searching "SL Podcast" on either platform.

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Spiritual Life in Preschool

A dedicated pastor serves Preschool and Lower School. Through monthly chapels, children experience joyful, exuberant worship and Bible lessons applicable for their age level. Spiritual Life in Preschool focuses on the lifelong love, joy and peace that come from personally knowing God.

Preschoolers also complete a chapel art project to help them deepen their understanding of each month’s chapel theme. Preschool students learn a Bible verse each week and also celebrate God’s love together during Praise and Worship every Friday.

SL K-5

Spiritual Life in Kindergarten–5th Grade

In addition to daily Bible time, Lower School students participate in chapels and spiritual life classes with the Lower School pastor. The Spiritual Life focus during these formative years is discipleship.

We want students to build a firm foundation of God’s truth from the Bible and the Holy Spirit as we mentor students into authentic, genuine, Christ-centered believers.

Spiritual Life in Middle and Upper School

Liberty Christian endeavors to bring children into a closer, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to guide our students on the path that God has for them by encouraging and supporting their faith in and out of the classroom. With a serving spirit, Liberty Christian educates and raises up children to see the world – not as it is, but as it could be – when the love of God is lived out in their daily lives.

Liberty Christian provides a spiritual foundation, recognizing the importance of the local church and parent partnerships that enable students to understand who they are in Christ and are always prepared to give an answer when asked, “Why Jesus?” We encourage servant leadership because we believe the best leaders are dedicated servants. With intentionality, we teach God’s Word throughout the curriculum at all grade levels.

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