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Students are guided to explore their God-given talents in vocal music. 

Primary School

Vocal Music, Musical Theatre, Applied Music Vocal Music and Musical Theatre classes offer Primary School students opportunities for performance. Students build confidence and skills in singing, acting and reading music. This class focuses on creative expression and performance skills. In Applied Music class, students sing, move and play instruments as they explore the world of music and learn the essentials of rhythm, pitch and harmony.

Middle School

Concert Choir is open to anyone in Middle School who likes to sing. Students will explore a broad range of music from classical to pop. This course is an introduction to vocal music and production, sight-singing and music theory. There is  a fall concert, a Christmas concert, a spring showcase, as well as the potential to sing at other venues, such as the National Anthem at sporting events. 

Upper School

Chorale is a mixed choir of different levels of singers. This group sings serious repertoire as well as pop and Broadway styles of music. Students learn to read music, sing with proper vocal technique and perform in various venues. Chorale participates in TAPPS regional and state competitions. This exciting group is challenged to reach its full potential!

Worship Culture introduces students to leading the body of Christ in worship through the art of music. Students worship together and learn more about instruments, singing, harmonizing and song writing. Students also participate in the Christmas Concert and TAPPS.

K-5 Christmas Concert 2021 (1)
K-5 Christmas Concert 2021 (2)

Deborah Titus

Choir Director
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