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College Recruiting


Texas is the hotbed for college recruiting. Some of the top NCAA and professional athletes come from our state. In most cases head coaches are the main point of contact for colleges as they step foot on High School campuses.

The Liberty Christian Athletic department has  an Athletic College Recruiting Advisor (ACRA) devoted specifically to help our athletes find the best fit for their academic and athletic futures. While we will still welcome any college on our campus we wanted to begin meeting at college campuses to develop relationships with Athletic programs across the country. This is one of only a few positions like it in the United States. Our hope is that by devoting the resources necessary to increase awareness of our student athletes that those athletes that have a desire to compete at the next level will have an increased opportunity to do so. 

Currently our ACRA Ross Roby is meeting with families and students helping navigate the NCAA process and beginning to develop a recruiting plan for each sport for each athlete that wants to move on to the collegiate level. There are no guarantees that each athlete will get a college scholarship, but we feel it is our job to help them get every opportunity they can to get in front of as many college coaches as possible. This is an exciting time in Liberty Christian Athletics and know by adding this to our department that we have taking another step toward our goals for our program.

Ross Roby

College Recruiting Coordinator, Varsity Defensive Football Coordinator, Varsity Head Boys Track Coac