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Each student attends a Bible class daily. God’s Word is essential for training students to have a biblical worldview. 
Our desire is that when students leave Liberty, they will always look to His guidance on how to live. Liberty has incredible Bible teachers that love God’s Word and love sharing their lives with students.

Middle School Bible Curriculum

Bible 6:
Through stories of the creation and the fall, students will come to understand why Christ came – to redeem and restore them to their Heavenly Father. Students will travel from Genesis to Revelation, gaining personal insight about their Savior redeeming them for all eternity.

Bible 7: This course will enable students to understand the background, history, content, and application of the New Testament, as well as grasp the aspects of God’s character and power through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Bible 8: In this course, students will navigate through the Old Testament, exploring how the entire text interweaves Jesus and the gospel. Students will examine the overarching narrative – and characters in the narrative – that display God’s redemptive story of humankind from the beginning of creation to the prophecies of the coming Messiah.

Upper School Bible Curriculum

9th Grade/ChristologyBuilt on the PositiveAction Bible Curriculum series, the Life of Christ course focuses on the cornerstone of Christianity—Jesus Christ. It is designed to engender a deeper understanding of the Person and purpose of Christ, the redemptive plan of God for mankind through Him, and to see how the narrative unfolds in Scripture by reviewing the events surrounding Jesus’ life. The course provides an in-depth look at the character of Christ and the practical application of His teachings through a careful study of the Gospel of John.
10th Grade/Biblical DiscipleshipBuilt on the PositiveAction Bible Curriculum series, the Discipleship: The Inner Person in Christ course focuses on the foundation of Christianity. As followers of God, we must be “strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man” (Ephesians 3:16). This course helps youth focus on inward development, not just outward conformity. It shows from Scripture how righteousness is the result of the Lord changing us, making our actions the result of inward purity and strong character.
11th Grade/Systematic Theology: Built on the PositiveAction Bible Curriculum series, the Behold Your God course focuses on the framework for biblical Christianity—an unfolding portrait of God’s nature (eternal, holy, triune, omniscient, omnipresent, immutable, loving, et al), His hypostatic incarnation in Jesus Christ, and His unfolding plan for humanity—to determine whether a student understands the purpose and character of God through Jesus Christ, for the ultimate purpose of being known by God (Matthew 7:21–23 and Galatians 4:9).
12th Grade/Christian Humanities Worldview and ApologeticsApplied though a number of “Dialogues” (formal writings) developed over the years by the sennior Bible instructor, as well as daily exegetical studies in a variety of New Testament writings, this course focuses on the application of biblical Christianity. Accordingly, students will study a myriad of topics—from Abortion to Zoroastrianism, politics to world religions, philosophy to homosexuality—to develop the ability to articulate and defend their beliefs. Every worldview, from cultural Christianity to Atheism, will be challenged intellectually to cast off myths and establish biblical truth. Please know that the accomplishment of these objectives often requires in-class discussions about real-world topics, guided prudently by the instructor, for the benefit of the students— to assist parents in insulating, but not isolating, students from the world. 

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