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The Upper School at Liberty, which includes 9th through 12th grades, focuses on preparing students for success at the collegiate level and beyond. The academic plan provides a rigorous learning environment that builds Christian character and fosters critical thinking.

Upper School Curriculum

Life in Upper School

  • Encourages a passion to know Christ, love others, and articulate a Christian worldview
  • Provides a comprehensive and enriching college preparatory education offering advanced placement and dual college credit courses
  • Challenges students to think independently and critically
  • Builds leadership skills and knowledge of community and world
  • Engages students in an environment of leadership and mentoring
  • Promotes opportunities to develop students’ unique interests through athletics, fine arts, and student-led clubs and community service projects
  • Provides foreign language instruction using technology 
  • Includes a vertical block schedule with an activity period and study hall for differentiated instruction
  • Integrates technology in the classroom to actively engage students in the learning process
  • Offers a student support team with two youth pastors and academic advisors emphasizing college preparation and matriculation
Daily Schedule PDF

Regular Schedule
Monday / Thursday / Friday

1st 8:25–9:07
2nd 9:12–9:54
Snack 9:54–10:04
Tutorial 10:04–10:29
3rd 10:34–11:16
4th 11:21–12:03
5th 12:08–12:50
Lunch 12:50–1:24
6th 1:29–2:11
7th 2:16–2:58
8th 3:03–3:45

Vertical Schedule
Tuesday (even) / Wednesday (odd)

1st/2nd 8:25–9:45
Snack 9:45–9:55
Tutorial 9:55–10:15
3rd/4th 10:20–11:40
5th/6th 11:45–1:05
Lunch 1:05–1:45
SH/Activity 1:50–2:20
7th/8th 2:25–3:45

First Friday Early Release Schedule

1st 8:25–8:55
2nd 9:00–9:30
3rd 9:35–10:05
Snack 10:10–10:20
4th 10:25–10:55
5th 11:00–11:30
6th 11:35–12:05
7th 12:10–12:40
Lunch 12:45–1:25
8th 1:30–2:00

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Liberty Christian School offers a Christ-centered, college preparatory education from preschool through 12th grade with excellence in academics, fine arts, athletics, and spiritual life.