Simulation Gives World History Students Meaningful Perspective

Mrs. Ramsey and Mr. Field's World History classes participated in a thought-provoking and informative exercise that showed them the destruction and devastation caused by the Black Plague.

Students played a game where they portrayed 14th century characters with occupations from that era. Mr. Field dressed in historically accurate apothecary attire to make the experience more intriguing and lifelike for students.
As students “traveled” from mock locations in a European town, they began contracting the disease one by one until the plague had fully run its course. In one particular class period, only one student survived, showing the gravity of the 75 million deaths caused by the tragedy that took out entire villages at that time.
According to Mr. Field, this Bubonic Plague remains the second deadliest event in human history, second only to the flood in Genesis. World War II would need to be fought 12 times to equal the casualty toll. The disease originated in Asia along the Silk Road, but it quickly manifested itself mainly in Europe and Africa.
“Learning by simulation serves as one of the most impactful educational methods,” said Mr. Field. “It allows students to think critically and consider all aspects of a given situation.
“Students remember exercises like these long after they graduate.”

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