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Hands-on Classes Teach Real-World Skills to Broadcast and Digital Media Students

Students in both the Broadcast Journalism and Digital Media classes discover their creative talents and make something meaningful nearly every class period.

In Matt Habern’s Digital Media Production class, students gain expertise in developing video, audio, and graphics. Through scriptwriting, audio mixing, multi-camera live event shooting, and more, students learn all the ins and outs of video production. Students can be seen all around the school taping fine arts performances, athletic events, and classroom activities from Preschool to Upper School.
In Sydney Moyer’s Broadcast Journalism course, a new addition to Liberty this year, students learn to specialize in the four main areas of video journalism: newswriting and editing, directing, filming and post-production, and anchoring/public speaking. Students switch roles every week and will pick a specialty by the spring semester. Warrior fans watch from the big screen at halftime at each home football game this year, as these students report from a news desk on the creative and the comical they have found within the halls at Liberty.
In both classes, students work with real-world, state-of-the-art tech equipment. Both teachers expressed that as Liberty alumni, they are incredibly grateful for the resources that the school has, and they work to instill that gratitude in their students.
Mr. Habern and Mrs. Moyer also voiced their favorite part of teaching their respective class.
“In Digital Media, there is no division, as students always collaborate on projects, and their areas of expertise are constantly shifting.” said Mr. Habern, “A senior football player may teach a freshman theatre student how to handle equipment or capture a certain moment, and vice versa the next week.
“The class is all about communication and fellowship, and that’s what I love about it.”
Mrs. Moyer said she enjoys watching students design their own ideas into segments.
“The class serves as space where students can create something with purpose while keeping Christ at the center, contributing to the greater purpose of Liberty,” she said.

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