"Family for Life" Features Screenagers Nov. 27, Debuted Parenting Seminar Oct. 17

Liberty families and the surrounding communities are invited to a showing of the documentary, “Screenagers,” on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 6 p.m. The film dives deep into how technology impacts children’s development and the challenges of parents in the digital world.

“With our Family for Life series at Liberty, we want to empower both our parents and students with tools they need to develop a thriving, loving family for life,” said Dedra Brynn, Vice President – Advancement.
President Dr. Blair McCullough saw the film earlier this year and wanted to make it available to the Liberty family and guests from the community as well.
This documentary, suitable for children ages 10 and up, is presented free of charge, and parents are asked to RSVP so that enough space is provided for this event.
On Oct. 17, Liberty launched the Family for Life Series with “Crazy Cool Family” parents, Don and Suzanne Manning, Liberty parents who minister to families of all ages.
“At this informative seminar, we heard that, as parents, our most important relationship is with God,” said Leah Beard, Vice President – Academics. “The Mannings also discussed issues such as discipleship vs. discipline, to see situations as learning opportunities that parents can tie back to biblical truths.”
In the Mannings’ book, “Crazy Cool Family,” Pastor John Stickl of Valley Creek Church, said, “Pressed into every child’s soul is the very image and likeness of God. Children were born with the ability to create, the capacity to love, the calling to lead, the heart to serve, and the desire for life.
“Therefore, there is no greater responsibility and no greater privilege than to raise children.”
At the seminar, the Mannings taught that families are made strong through pursuing God, building relationships, and creating a Christ-centered family culture.
“We won’t find God by drifting through life, hoping He shows up,” Mr. Manning said. “God says in Jeremiah 29:13, ‘You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.’”
He added that God’s intent and design is for mom and dad to love the Lord God with all their hearts and to embody that relationship before their children’s eyes.
“Parents are beloved sons and daughters of God first,” he said. “More important than any instruction we will give our children is the example we will provide our children.”
He added that their children are their favorite people in the whole world.
“Believe your children are amazing, communicate it all the time, and then watch it happen right before your eyes!” he said.
In their book, the Mannings also provide marital advice, saying the partnership is about forgiving, serving, and appreciating.
“To build unity within the family, we need to learn from our spouse before criticism, discuss parenting conflict issues privately, and honor our spouse, especially in front of our children,” said Suzanne Manning.
In relating to children, the Mannings said, “We encourage extravagantly and correct carefully.”
They said parents can honor their children with their words through specific praise, encouraging character, not outcome.
“We earn our way into their hearts when they see we can be trusted with their feelings,” they said. “Faith grows in questions and dies in lectures. When your children bring you a problem, ask them, ‘Where do you think God is in this situation?’”
They offered these declarative statements to say out loud for parents and their families:
  • I am a child of God.
  • I hear God’s voice clearly.
  • With Jesus, we can overcome any family obstacle.
  • I love and appreciate my spouse.
  • I point my kids to Jesus, and they are amazing.
  • My kids can and will be best friends with each other.
  • I am an over-the-top encourager to my family.
  • I listen, and I am a safe place for my family.
  • I intentionally disciple my children.
  • My family is my favorite people in the world.
They heartened families by saying, “Crazy Cool Parents understand their best chance to lead their children to the Lord is through fervent and consistent prayer, asking God for the gift of seeing your children as He sees them.”

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