Liberty Boys Demonstrate Heart of Liberty by Helping a Stranger in Need

At a Liberty family’s home one night, a group of students lived out the Warrior Way when they saved the day for an unsuspecting motorist.

Preston Blakeley, Jon Couch, Christian Goodrum, Trevor Jones, Braedon Lindsey, Bryce Lindsey, and Ben Ward had gathered for a fun evening of ping-pong at the Lindsey home when their night was suddenly interrupted by a loud crash.
The boys ran outside to the neighborhood street and saw a car hoisted up on two large boulders in a neighbor’s yard. The driver had not seen the oncoming corner, and her car landed atop the formidable rocks.
The young men immediately came to her rescue. They developed a plan of action, gathered tools and ropes, and went to work.
The startled driver watched them develop the best solution, discuss physics to back up their reasoning (thanks to physics teacher Gary Hartzler), and encourage one another. The driver could have called a tow truck, but she obliged their chivalry.
After observing the boys work for a considerable time, the woman asked what school they attended. When mother and teacher Lenette Lindsey answered “Liberty Christian,” the woman responded by saying, “Oh, that’s why they are so kind and helpful.”
Mrs. Lindsey then explained the mission of Liberty and the mission of the gospel. After the boys freed the car, Mrs. Lindsey gifted the woman a Bible as she went on her way.
“The boys served as kind-hearted, chivalrous, tenacious, and godly young men, clearly demonstrating the Warrior Way,” said Mrs. Lindsey.
Student Christian Goodrum added, “We didn’t think twice about helping the woman. It was incredibly fulfilling to help a stranger in need.”
Despite their objection to payment, the woman later gave each of the boys a gift card and a thank you note:
“Dear Braedon, Bryce, Ben, Preston, Christian, Jon, and Trevor: Your willingness to help a stranger in need is an indication of the kindness and character each of you possess. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your problem-solving skills as you tackled the challenge of my heavy car stuck on those big rocks. I hope this small token of my appreciation encourages you all to stay kind! And a special thanks to the parents who raised such fine young men!”

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