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Why Giving Matters

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As educators in our school and in Christ, Liberty Christian shapes kingdom builders and servant leaders to be a positive force in our culture and world
At Liberty, students aren’t just students – they are a mind, body and soul, capable of marvelous achievements.
The faculty and staff care deeply about each student and family. That’s why we partner with parents and take a community approach to ensure students who walk our halls feel safe and receive the educational and spiritual attention they deserve.
At Liberty, we don’t just teach about God in school – we teach as Jesus taught. With sincerity, compassion and faithfulness, we offer a wide array of opportunities for students to uncover their path to success.
With our foundation in Christ and with our student-centric approach, we instill confidence in parents as they see their children gaining more than just an understanding of math, science, history and language arts. We develop students to be compassionate, well-rounded leaders with servant hearts to make a positive impact in the world.

The Heart Behind the Giving


Johnny Isom

In his early coaching days at Liberty’s original campus in Denton, Johnny Isom, now the Athletic Director, remembers his start as a coach here in football, baseball, basketball and track.

Years ago, after playing seven years of professional baseball, Coach Isom had a friend who worked at Liberty suggest he come and speak to students in athletics – and the rest is history. He said his first impression of Liberty was sensing the presence of the Lord. Since coming to Liberty in 2001, Coach Isom has had the opportunity to give back to the school where he works and his daughter attends.

When he gave his first gift to Liberty many years ago, he said it was an easy decision to support the work and the people here. What surprised him in giving to Liberty was how rewarding it was to give to the Lord’s kingdom. 

When he made his most recent donation to the school, he said he felt like he was making a difference.

“People may come and go, but the purpose of Liberty Christian School never changes – and that is the beauty of it.”

Coach Isom’s advice to anyone considering giving to Liberty is to pray about it first, and then visit the school, walk the hallways, and meet some of the students and staff. “That will be all it takes,” he said. When asked what he wished everyone knew about giving to Liberty, he added:

“Every little bit could change a life. The school doesn’t belong to us – it is His school, and I am deeply honored to be a part of it.”


Cindy Sanchez

Little did Cindy Sanchez know that when she came to Liberty as a kindergarten teacher fresh out of college that this school would become like her second home.

“I am so thankful God led me to Liberty 26 years ago,” she said. “The smiles of my kindergartners bring such joy to my life every day, and the wonderful people I get to teach with are like family to me.”

When Cindy married, she held her wedding in the school cafeteria filled with décor for the ceremony and the attendance of all of her students and their families who had prayed over the years for her and her future husband. A few years later, their young son began as a Wee Warrior in Liberty’s preschool and is now in third grade.

“My prayer is that Liberty will be here for years to come, making a difference in the lives the Lord brings our way,” she said. “I pray for my own son to be a part of Liberty until he graduates. And who knows – maybe, one day, my grandchildren will be able to attend.”

Before she came to Liberty, she remembers hearing people from her church talk about the school, saying students were taught the ways of Jesus every day.

She recalled the positive godly attitudes in the people when she first came to Liberty and the amazing mentors she has had along the way.

When Mrs. Sanchez donates to Liberty, she feels blessed knowing that she was a part of pouring into future leaders. She added:

“I believe in this school and the mission to draw students closer to our Lord. It is a worthy cause that has eternal value.”

Your Generosity Changes Lives

My daughter is already thriving at Liberty and proud to be a Warrior. She told us one day, ‘Liberty is not like any other school. Everyone is so kind, friendly, and helpful. They said nice things to me on the first day, and the kids liked how positive I was. I found friends right away. It was so nice in class. Everyone was polite to the teachers, and everyone was respectful. I am so excited about my Bible class. Can I read you a Psalm that I read aloud in class to you tonight?’ She is always smiling ear to ear every day when we pick her up, and she says to us, ‘I love it here. There is definitely no other school like it.’ She feels safe at Liberty to take a risk and pursue her faith, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for an incredible opportunity for our daughter!”

2022-2023 Year in Philanthropy

2022-2023 Year in Philanthropy