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Campus Safety

Liberty Christian School is committed to the safety of all students. Our comprehensive safety plan provides all members of our school community with clear guidance in relation to how we aim to fulfill our responsibilities to keep students safe - this covers staff screening, abuse prevention, weather safety, medical care, campus safety and more. Our goal is for every parent to feel confident with their child’s safety at Liberty Christian.

Student Protection Program (SPP)

The Process

The process consists of multiple layers of management oversight in all areas concerning safety, health, and risk management. Liberty operates day to day under a strict schedule of programs and activities with continuous supervision provided by our staff. Staff and students receive training and orientation regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior when interacting at Liberty. Liberty’s supervision process directs each person to monitor the conduct of all persons and to report any behavior which is not consistent with Liberty’s code of conduct guidelines.

Primary School Academics 2021
Safety 360 Poster

Safety 360

Our mission is to educate and equip employees, students, and parents on recognizing inappropriate boundaries and how to prevent, detect, and respond to forms of student abuse and concerns.
We weave abuse prevention into our entire school environment, through training, monitoring, and feedback systems. Our entire staff undergoes extensive training on the rules and procedures we have in place to prevent any type of abuse.

Middle and Upper School Safety 360 Video 

SPP Reporting 

It is the responsibility of all Liberty personnel (which includes, but is not limited to, teachers, administrators, employees, and others providing or performing services at Liberty, whether volunteer or paid) to protect the health and safety of students. Liberty’s policy is that all employees share the responsibility of the prevention and reporting of suspected child abuse, sexual molestation, and any other conduct that affects the health and safety of students. Because the faculty and staff of Liberty Christian School love children and desire to protect them, administrators require all employees to complete five important safety steps before and during employment. Those safety steps are outlined in detail in the Liberty Personnel Policy Handbook. Where appropriate, matters are reported to authorities without hesitation. The national child abuse hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) is posted throughout Liberty Christian informing all staff, students, and visitors of this direct abuse reporting number.
Parents may report concerns of student safety to the respective school Principals. The Principal will initiate the next step of the process, and if warranted, notify the Student Protection Plan Team. Students may report concerns of student safety to any staff member. Liberty Christian staff are trained to report concerns according to the Student Protection Plan.
Read more about what was shared at our SPP Parent Information Night here.

Hiring Liberty Staff

Liberty Christian has a thorough hiring process. Applicants must complete an extensive employment application including acknowledgement of our School Unity, Statement of Faith, Warrior Way, Lifestyle Statement, and Moral Integrity Statement. There is an exhaustive screening process that includes interviews with trained staff team members with in-depth questions. Additionally, applicants must give at least two references. Pre-employment requirements include background check, drug testing, completion of safety disclosure form, and a MinistrySafe video training. MinistrySafe provides a complete Child Safety System designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.
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Campus Security

In necessary events, our school follows procedures outlined in our Emergency Preparedness Handbook. Follow the link below to learn more about our Standard Response Protocol (SRP) during these events.
Access to Liberty is strictly controlled by visitor check-in, campus security, and an alert system. We are implementing a system where all visitors are buzzed in to the school and required to check in at a front desk before entering campus and must provide a valid ID to scan into Raptor, a visitor management system that enhances school security by comparing information to a national alert database. Visitors are directed to sign in and wear a visitor badge throughout their time on campus. Liberty safety roles include a full-time Campus Security and Safety Coordinator, two armed off-duty police officers who monitor the campus each school day, along with a managed security monitoring system. An interior intruder alert system is in place in all school buildings. This pull-down system, like our fire alarm system, immediately notifies security and administration of a possible intruder situation indicating location and threat that guides immediate response procedures. Lockdown buttons are in place at each front desk to immediately initiate lockdown procedures. Students and staff are trained on these protocols monthly during the school year. A text alert system is also in place for families to opt-in to receive emergency notifications in the event of school closures or other emergencies. Information on how to join can be found on the parent resource board on myLiberty.

We also have the Liberty Warrior Watchmen volunteer program that utilizes fathers, grandfathers, and others from within our Liberty Christian Family to enhance the security at Liberty Christian School. The primary purpose of the Warrior Watchmen is to deter potential threats by being visually present with a posture of vigilance on campus. The Warrior Watchmen supplement Liberty Christian School’s off-duty police officers by increasing the number of “eyes and ears” patrolling the school grounds. 

Risk Management

Liberty Christian has a structured safety and risk management program overseen by the VP of Operations comprised of a safety committee. Liberty safety roles include two armed off-duty police officers who monitor the campus each school day along with a security monitoring system managed by a full-time staff member. Safety training is accomplished for all staff through a series of orientations, trainings sessions, and skills assessments. There are written handbooks on staffing, safety, and crisis management which include procedures to safely operate activities as well as respond in critical situations. All Liberty Christian facilities and activities are inspected daily throughout the school year to meet our safety guidelines.

Facilities Management and Safety

At Liberty, we understand your concern for your child’s physical safety. Liberty facilities and premises are well maintained by a full-time facilities department. Aside from job-specific training, key staff are trained and certified in applicable areas such as OSHA and CPR/First-Aid training. All facilities are equipped with good walking surfaces, handrails, and lighting. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are placed throughout the facilities. AED’s and first aid kits are also placed throughout the facilities and maintained by the school nurse.