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Current Staff Training

Throughout the school year, our faculty has dedicated time set aside for schoolwide devotionals.

Our Liberty faculty and staff gather multiple times throughout the year, and have access to a Biblical Worldview Resource Library, to comprehend, embrace, articulate, and model a biblical worldview for the benefit of our students – to fulfill our mission as passionate disciple-makers and confident professionals.  

As part of a multiple-year process, we are currently focused on the INFUSION of biblical worldview into every aspect of our ministry at LCS. This includes general and specific asynchronous training courses, targeted group live training (by school, department, subject, etc.), and the development of faculty exemplars to continue the peer-to-peer collaboration essential to our success.

The infusion process at LCS is known as the 3P Framework. This guides educators in every subject to intentionally develop in their scope-and-sequence a biblical worldview PURPOSE (a primary biblical concept), examined through PERSPECTIVES (in which students discover alternative worldviews regarding that concept), and ultimately reasoned through a PARALLEL comparison of these secular perspectives to a biblical worldview – guided through Socratic pedagogy to comprehend and embrace biblical truth, knowledge, and reality.