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Distinguished Alumni Award

Liberty Christian School honors two alumni each year with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Each year, a male and female graduate of Liberty will be chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Outstanding achievement in their chosen career
  • Service to others through community, church and family
  • Admirable personal conduct and character
  • Sincere walk with the Lord resulting in a Christian witness to others
  • Active citizen, patriot
  • Continued interest and support for Liberty
  • College graduate

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2012     Ryan Duininck ('91) and Amy Kinzer Duininck ('92)

2013     Rocky Haire ('87) and Bailey McKissack Heard ('03)

2014     Josh Combs ('98) and Rachel Black Combs ('98)

2015     Luke Zimmerman ('92) and Missy Evans Sharp ('88)

2016     Andy Eads ('89) and Rikki Huff Downing ('99)

2017     Joe Weatherby ('90) and Lindsay Charles ('02)

2019     Matt Habern ('04) and Kaleigh Sheffield McFarland ('09) 

             Read more about Matt and Kaleigh

2020     Bailee Brown ('09) and Whitney Hand Jones ('08) 

             Read more about Bailee and Whitney

Distinguished Alumni Award Winner Whitney Hand

2020 Distinguished Alumni Recipient Whitney Hand

Distinguished Alumni Award Winner Bailee Brown

2020 Distinguished Alumni Recipient Bailee Brown

2019 Distinguished Alumni Recipients
Kaleigh McFarland and Matt Habern