Each student attends a Bible class daily. God’s Word is essential for training students to have a biblical worldview. 
Our desire is that when students leave Liberty, they will always look to His guidance on how to live. Liberty has incredible Bible teachers that love God’s Word and love sharing their lives with students.

Upper School Bible Curriculum

12th Grade: FutureQuest provides a solid foundation in Bible knowledge and application. Students will learn what a biblical worldview reflects in key areas of life such as the following: stewardship, family relationships, personal ethics, defending the faith, community responsibilities, and more.

11th Grade: RealityQuest focuses on the basic doctrines of the Bible, carefully crafted into age-appropriate lessons with strong emphasis on the application of truth to daily lives. The class examines the doctrines of God, the Bible, man, sin, salvation, Christ, and more.

10th Grade: FaithQuest is a Bible survey course that focuses on helping students understand God's redemptive plan for man, see how it unfolds in Scripture, and embrace their roles in it.

9th Grade: LifeQuest uses an information-age theme to teach students how to study the life and teachings of Christ to challenge their way of living. LifeQuest reviews the events surrounding Jesus‘ life, yet provides an in-depth look at the character of Christ and encourages the application of His teachings.

Middle School Bible Curriculum

8th Grade: SurvivalQuest is designed to help 8th grade students survive the major pressures they encounter in everyday life. Each SurvivalQuest lesson presents an in-depth scriptural study of the life of an Old or New Testament person. Using both positive and negative examples, students will learn the true meaning of Romans 8:37, “No, in all these things, we are more than victorious through Him who loved us."

7th Grade: CharacterQuest provides character training by recognizing God’s Word as the only source for true character education. Each chapter includes an Inquiry/Action section that challenges students to dig deeper into God’s Word as they apply each week’s character trait to their own lives. 6th Grade: DecisionQuest is the Bible course written to ground

6th Grade: DecisionQuest is the Bible course written to ground 6th graders in the basic doctrines of God’s Word to shape their daily decisions. 

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