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The Warrior Way

At Liberty Christian School, our mission and our promise is to empower students to embrace the Warrior Way – a set of principles rooted in the Bible that guide our hearts and daily actions.



I value scholarship because through the knowledge I gain, I can best serve God’s kingdom.

Embrace God's


I believe God has given us all a purpose and place in His grand design. To find my purpose, I must embrace God’s Truth.

Exhibit Christ-Like


I believe that to be a positive force in the world, I must exhibit Christ-like character.

Strive For


I believe in striving for excellence to bring glory to God.



I believe in pursuing service because God calls us all to humbly serve one another with love.



I believe the best leaders have servant hearts and demonstrate leadership by helping others find their place in God’s plan.



I believe in building a community through discipleship because God calls us all to go out into the world and share His love.

Unique Opportunities at Liberty


The STRIVE Center (Science, Technology, Research, Innovation, Virtual Learning, and Entrepreneurship) is designed to foster immersive experiences that allow students to take concepts from theory to practice, learning from their mistakes, and working through trial and error. This center provides a learning space outside of the traditional classroom, encouraging critical thinking skills, problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

Unique Opportunities at Liberty

Worship Culture

The Fine Arts Worship Culture course introduces students to leading the body of Christ in worship through the art of music. Students will worship together and learn more about instruments, singing, harmonizing, and song writing.

Unique Opportunities at Liberty


Liberty Christian engages students in weekly STEM learning. The program empowers students to adopt a design-thinking mindset through compelling activities and projects that build upon each other and relate to the world around them. As students engage in hands-on activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they become creative, collaborative problem solvers ready to take on any challenge. This curriculum aligns with our Middle and Upper School STEM courses.

Guidance Counseling

Unique Opportunities at Liberty

Guidance Counseling

Our dedicated Guidance Counseling Team works with students, parents, and faculty to ensure students have the resources and support they need to be successful. Beginning in 9th grade, students build a portfolio of resources to help guide them through college and post-graduation planning. Students can meet with their advisor as many times as needed during their Upper School career for course advising, college planning, goal setting and more!

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Unique Opportunities at Liberty

Broadcast Journalism

Students choose a unique area of either broadcast or production in this Career and Technology course. Whether students are on camera or behind the camera/operating the switchboard, they will work together to produce a LIVE news show at least three times a week.

Fine Arts 2022

 Unique Opportunities at Liberty

Fine Arts

We believe that an arts education should encourage creativity and curiosity. By offering a wide variety of fine arts opportunities, students better understand themselves and the world around them, awakening their God-given talents, fostering their passions, and building their self-confidence.

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Tennis 2024

Unique Opportunities at Liberty


Our athletic program includes 67 sports and activities from preschool to varsity. Coaches encourage athletes to win with Christ-like character, preparing them for the world beyond the field of play. Liberty Christian enjoys a long tradition of successful athletic programs and a history of state championships in a variety of sports. Numerous athletes in different sports have pursued athletics at the college and professional level.

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Liberty by the Numbers

With accreditation from Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Liberty Christian competes in academic, athletic, and fine arts contests through the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) District 5A.




student-to-teacher ratio


AP Classes available

With 15 Honors classes available!


Class of 2022 ACT Scores

*The top 10%


Henderson Cup wins

in the last 26 years


mission & service opportunities


Fine Arts classrooms
and performance areas


athletes from 2022

signed to play sports in college




broadcast studios


science labs in

STEM, Robotics, and Forensics



weight rooms

Our Community - Why Liberty

Liberty to me is about relationships. My favorite part about Liberty was being able to come and grow and walk with Christ with others and ultimately do life with my peers.
Sydney Anderson
Class of 2021
My favorite thing about school is worshipping God and Jesus, having two recesses, and having two music teachers.
Jack Perkins
Class of 2034
Liberty has positively impacted me by both my teachers and coaches placing me in spots where I can succeed and also be challenged.

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Cade Violi
Class of 2026
What I love about Liberty is all the new kids that come every year because I love making friends.

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Jemma Hawkins
Class of 2030
We get to come alongside you in the discipleship of your children. We create different spiritual life opportunities whether its mission trip, chapel, retreats, or discipleship program that are going to help increase their relationship with the Lord and open opportunities for Him to move in their life.

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Courtney Crenshaw
Middle and Upper School Girls Pastor