The Diary of Eli

Liberty President and Founder, Dr. Rodney Haire, Releases Latest Books,
The Diary of Eli and Teacher's Guide to the Book of Revelation

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There are many who would like to study the Book of Revelation but are intimidated by the scope, majesty, and terror that comprise the Apostle John's vision on the Isle of Patmos. The Diary of Eli, a work of historical fiction, is the diary of a friend who was exiled with John.

As John has his fantastic visions, he talks about what he is seeing with his friend Eli, and the two of them talk about what it all means. The result is a work of fiction that brings the Book of Revelation to life and makes it accessible to readers of any age who want to learn more about the Bible's final, majestic book.


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The Book of Revelation is one of the most powerful books of the Bible, yet for many it remains elusive. It is filled with symbols, allusions, and metaphors. It sweeps forward in time and then back, sometimes leaving readers mystified.

Now, Dr. Rodney Haire, combining years of intensive study and teaching experience, has written this comprehensive book to help Bible teachers in churches and schools convey the splendor and urgency from this pivotal work. Dr. Haire’s passionate quest to unravel the mysteries of John’s Book of Revelation shines from every page.

With the honesty of a scholar and the intensity of a convert, Dr. Haire communicates clearly and urgently the message of Jesus’ return and triumph in the Book of Revelation. Students will be left with a deeper understanding of this enigmatic book and how it can affect their lives.


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